Old Hollywood Glam Hair & Makeup

When we saw our Bride Vivienne’s 50’s style wedding gown, how it shimmy’s with her and how she did the Charleston, we were even more convinced that the retro hair and makeup look we created was just perfect for her!!  A bronzy and touch of metallic smokey eye, with a

Bridal Hair & Makeup

Bridal Hair and Makeup fit for a queen! When Candice approached us, her brief was simple.  Make me look as exquisite as possible.  So we used as much glow on her skin as we could, with a gold and soft charcoal smokey eye for her wedding day makeup look.  Her

NEW! Bridal Makeup Touch up Kits

Our new Touch Up Bags! Exclusively for our Accentuate brides. We’ve been designing and researching a new eco friendly bridal makeup touch up kit, in order to get rid of all the plastic in our old ones.  Our new bags are beautiful keepsakes for our brides and come in 4

Personalised Makeup Lessons

We love nothing more than when a husband or boyfriend wants to surprise his love with something any girl would just love!  A personalised makeup lesson and MAC makeup hamper.  We make up hampers specifically to the persons needs, skin tone and what their daily makeup routine is.  We give

Wedding Hair and Makeup

We were so chuffed to read this blog post written by one of our recent brides Kendra. Let’s face it, we all know what humidity can do to your appearance, I would be risking Breakouts, Frizzy Hair, Sweating, Oily Skin and tan lines. KENDRA SPAANS We really do go out

Bridal Hair and Makeup at the Glades

Clarice asked for something edgy, yet romantic and modern.  Chandre created a large braid on both sides and incorporated them into two space buns at the back.  Laura used gold and a darker smokey eye with false lashes to bring in the drama.  The two worked so well together!!  Stay

Game of Thrones Inspired Bridal Hair

Rikkis bridal hair look was nothing short of show stopping.  It was like previewing the new season of Game of Thrones in bridal hairstyles. Rikkis Plaited Bridal Hairstyle was done by Jacqui of Accentuate Hair & Makeup and the Bridesmaids were styled by Chandre from the same team. The brides

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