How To apply the thinnest straightest liquid liner ever!

Gloss Boss;  Accentuate Hair & Makeup Artist in Durban, Gives us her recommended new Makeup Finds!

Rest your elbow on a firm surface to steady your hand.

Ensure your hand that you are “drawing” on the liquid liner with is diagonally in line with your lashline

Pull your liner confidently in the direction you wish your liner to go.

Alternatively make life even easier for yourself by trying this amazing Rollerwheel Liquid Liner from M.A.C.

Like training wheels for liquid liner newbies,  the spinning disk applicator absorbs the perfect amount of liner, to prevent smudging and provide continuous, smooth even strokes of colour.

unnamed (2)unnamed.jpg

One comment

  1. makeuppro12 says:

    You have shared a good info about how to apply the thinnest straightest liquid liner. Actually I am beginner in this field, so last night I found your blog and after reading it I gained lots of knowledge. I hope it will be very helpful for me in future. Thanks for sharing.


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