Neutral, no makeup, Makeup

There are not many people you meet whose heart speaks to you before you actually hear the words they are speaking.  Tash,  the owner of Durban based Yoga business The Mindful Movement is such a gem.  When I walked into Tash’s presence I felt calm, relaxed and quiet.  (Those who know me will say that the quiet part is a miracle!)

natural makeup yoga makeup beach makeup durban makeup artist 7

The heart-centered businesswoman is someone who truly breathes, exhales and LIVES her dreams every day.  Flowing through life with that giving and kind spirit.

When I finally saw the INCREDIBLE photography for Tashs website taken and curated by another Durban fave of mine Lauren Setterberg I was floored.  Lauren captured Tash’s essence in the pastel ombre of a sunrise.  If I could see Tash’s aura I’m convinced Lauren has nailed the colour palette to utter perfection.

This is why I love working on lifestyle shoots with Lauren.  She manages to capture the true and inner essence of the woman staring back at you from a photograph.  The way she sets up the shot and her artful processing ensures that the colours speak of the brand. The crispness of the image speaks of the professionalism behind the brand.  Scroll to the bottom to get the low down on the Products that I used for Anastasias Beach Yoga Makeup look! 

natural makeup yoga makeup beach makeup durban makeup artist 4natural makeup yoga makeup beach makeup durban makeup artist 5natural makeup yoga makeup beach makeup durban makeup artist 6natural makeup yoga makeup beach makeup durban makeup artist 8natural makeup yoga makeup beach makeup durban makeup artist 9

To enhance Tash’s natural beauty my aim was to use as little makeup as possible.  Something I tend to do mostly anyway.   I started with a few drops of MAC essential oils, a quick spray of Fix+ and a brush of strobe cream to brighten and waken her skin up.  After massaging into her skin.  I dabbed the excess off with a tissue.  There’s a fine line between shiny, glowy and looking sweaty.  Although this was a yoga shoot, we wanted her to look fresh faced and gorgeous.   I buffed on some MAC paintpot in groundwork using a lovely big 224 brush and blew out the shape to ensure it dissipated and just enhanced her natural eye shape.  Bountiful brown liner was used to line all around her eyes to pick up the flecks of hazel in her beautiful brown eyes.  A touch of sketch eye shadow was placed in the outer corners of her eyes for some depth and antiqued just under the eye softly smudged to ensure that pop of colour.

I wanted to bronze Tash to ensure she looked even more like the beach goddess that she is.  Matte Bronze is my go-to bronzer for this.   It’s just enough bronze without looking too muddy.  I prefer a mix of cream blush and cream colour base to give the skin that beautiful natural highlight on the cheeks rather than a flat powder blush or a glittery highlighter.

I finished her lips off with a touch of tinted lip conditioner and she was ready for her sun salutation.  I salute Tash for her incredible work and if I ever need a serious bout of relaxation, I will be contacting her for one of her out of this world yoga retreats!




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