Most clients of mine are under the impression that they ALL need a fixing spray.  This is not necessarily true.

When I am doing someone’s makeup I assess a few things as to whether or not I will use a hydrating spray.

The environment around us – what is the weather doing?  If it is humid weather or we are in the Midlands then I know there is already a high “moisture” in the atmosphere. I will then rather prep the skin adequately than add a hydrating spray to finish.

Clients skin type – Is it looking more oily or dry?  If dry I will shower them in MAC Fix + let it sink in well (including neckline and chest) and then prime as usual.  The Fix + Spray naturally fixes makeup by creating a “makeup magnet” and hydrating the skin.

Truth be told, I don’t usually LOVE fixing sprays, I prefer hydrating sprays IF necessary.

FIX + is my go to and it comes in a few different scents too!   My favourite is Lavender (I love this for when I have a headache) or Rose for my brides.  The Matte option is great for oilier skins and then they even have a rose gold and gold option with a slight shimmer!

MAC Fix Plus sprays

My top tip:  Use it in your fridge if you are suffering from Menopause or if you have sunburn!  The cooling feeling – Heavenly 


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