Becoming a professional makeup artist

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Date Stamp your Dreams


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Back in the day in 2009, when cameras still date stamped on pics, I was working as hard as I could taking on as many makeup jobs as I possibly could to work my way up in what people called a “flooded industry”. Meaning that the makeup industry had too many makeup artists already. I would network, chat to producers, chat to photographers and do tons of free shoots just to get great images in my portfolio and grow it as well as get my name out there. Back in those days that name was Jacqui Geel 
One of those photographers was a guy called Justin Dallas. We “randomly” struck up a conversation about products and techniques while I was working at MAC. We started doing a few shoots and learnt so so much in the process.
I worked backstage at many many Fashion Weeks, both in Cape Town and JHB and Africa Fashion week too. I worked hard and was afforded the opportunity to travel to London, Canada and Berlin with MAC.
I’ve worked and made friends with makeup artists who have ALL made a success of themselves and are life long friends! Louis Fritz Laura PotgieterKallie Steenkamp Denisha Haridas Deanne Roodt Cecile Bester Samantha Natasha Sickle Keagan Jarryd Cafun Casandra Barnard Sli Abie KhumaloJenna Rae Fryer
I’ve worked with and been trained by the best in the industry Michelle-Lee Collins Raine Tauber Janine McNulty Janine Kelly Horsley
I have personally worked alongside the most famous and talented makeup artists in the industry. Not seen them or followed them but actually worked WITH them, next to them and got to soak in their techniques and tricks.
Every year I would write down my goals for the year and break them down into smaller achievable points. I still do this and have been blessed to marry a man that does the same.
I got so busy, by being myself, working hard and just making friends in the industry that I managed to not only keep my head above water (in this “flooded industry”) but make something of it. I managed to leave my full time job and start my own Freelance business and work for myself full time. A HUGE step. I have not looked back. God has been incredibly good to me and rewarded my faithfulness in trusting him. I since started Accentuate Hair and Makeup. I got so busy I had to then get an assistant which was firstly my sister! She would come and do a few curls here an there and we would have many laughs on the way home. I invested in my makeup and hair kit and bought the best products I could afford. I treated and still treat my clients and industry friends like gold.
I then realised that I would need to take on someone else who was fantastic at what they did, but delayed this decision for two years because I was scared to ruin the name I had spent so long building up. For me reputation is everything. I had heard so so much about Kelsey and how incredible she was and her name kept popping up. I prayed about it and we met at a coffee shop, both not too sure about it. That same Saturday we both rock up to work on a wedding (her doing hair, me makeup) and that was that! We gelled together so well and she was the first person I trusted with my brides, the first official team member of our Agency and that his how our team was started!
We now have 8 core team members and 2 independent team members in the Accentuate team!
Go back a few years, I have always had a dream of opening my own makeup Academy. While I’m working in London my boss says to me “I’m sick of hearing how much you want to be a makeup artist – go study it full time and you can do your job here on Saturdays” (ok, so that was LONG ago) but while I was studying makeup, I did a business plan project 15 or so years ago) saying that I saw myself having a team and calling it Accentuate and an Academy….
After lots of people asking and a push by a photographer I had made friends with TEN years ago, the same person I chatted with and helped “randomly”
I began our Academy. Our studio is shared by the same said photographer, our Academy is that same place which has grown and evolved organically as our needs have changed.
Accentuate team has been going for 5 years and our Academy for 3 years now.
The point I’m making with all this, is:
Don’t let ANYONE stamp on your dreams
YOU are the master of your own future
PLAN where you want to be
WORK hard to get there
DON’T underestimate the power of being YOURSELF!
MAKE friends with people all the time and network you never know where it will lead
Have FAITH that things will work out

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