Why We Makeup Artists REALLY have the best job in the world…

When you sit in our makeup chair, you will usually start with a list of things you don’t like about yourself. Sometimes that list is short and sometimes it’s so heart breaking that it is a long, long list gathered over years of heartache, bullying or just a soul crunching lack of self esteem. We call our makeup chair the #truthchair

Rainbow Makeup Girl with hands over face Durban Makeup Artist

When you book an Accentuate Hair and Makeup Artist, please know we believe that God has made us all in his image. We are made perfect. Not one size fits all,  or one boring skin colour. Not one generic shape or eye colour. Each of us is beautifully crafted by our Creator to be as different as the beauty we see in nature. We are as different and diverse as a rainbow, as the trees and our shapes are all as different as the clouds floating overhead.

Realising our differences is what makes our calling as makeup artists, so so interesting, challenging and ultimately rewarding. Every person is a unique and utterly different canvas for us to work on. A present to unwrap (we love pressies!) and a gift to unveil. Each technique and colour that we use is specifically tailored to that unique person, using our years experiencing these gorgeous differences and tailored to that soul seated in our chair. Our goals are simple. Our end result must always be joy. The inner beauty of the person revealed on the outside by their smile and the smile on our faces as we see her realising firstly her natural beauty, then slowly her smile and secondly her inner worth. It’s a gift we get to give, using the gifts we’ve been given.


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