Want to know “what the best way to achieve a beautiful, glowy, highlight is?”

Easy peezy.  I’ll tell you!

Get your paws on these DREAM products from M.A.C (my shopping list below)

Glow mac foundation hyper real natural makeup

Truth be told, the HYPER REAL foundation was an old FAVE of mine back in the day.  Now talking “olden days” here.  It was my all time, go-to foundation for myself.

I LOVE me a natural, glowy look.  Always have, always will.

I’ts key claims are things like:

  • All day illumination – Yes please!
  • Immediately brighter complexion – Yes please!
  • Long wearing  – 8 hours
  • Non-streaking or caking
  • Oil free – dermatologist tested – non-acneagenic

How do I wear Hyper Real? 

You can wear it over your foundation for a more intense, glow just blend it nicely OR you can wear it under your foundation for a more subtle hint of glow and health to the skin

It comes in 4 different shades.

MAC Hyper Real Foundation different colours


Hyper Real Glow Palettes – Flash & Awe // Get It Glowing

Extra Dimension Skin finish – DOUBLE GLEAM

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural – SOFT &  GENTLE


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