Best “getting ready” wedding venues in KZN, South Africa

The morning of your wedding is full of emotions, nerves and of course fun! Our team have worked at all the wedding venues in KZN. We can tell you it is so important to choose a venue with a dedicated bridal salon, honeymoon suite or bridal getting ready area.

1.  LIGHT – Look at the lighting – is there sufficient natural light?  
2.  SPACE – Sufficient space – your entire bridal party will be in there the whole morning
3.  CHILL – Place for the bridal party to relax while they are getting ready
4.  TEAM SPACE – Enough space for all the masses of equipment we bring. (1/2 long tables is great)
5.  AIRCON/Heater – This should be a non negotiable.  Summers are sweltering. Winters are icy!
6.  MIRRORS! Full length mirrors? Of course you need to see yourself properly in your dress!
7.  DRESS – Place for you to hang your dress!
8.  PHOTOS – When viewing venues, visualise having your bridal portraits taken there.
  1. Providence Country Estate
  2. Camp Orchards
  3. Haycroft
  4. Brahman Hills
  5. The Groves 
  6. Netherwood
  7. Tala Collection Game Reserve
  8. Thorner Country Cottages
  9. Hartford House Hotel
  10. Shalwyn
  11. Cranford
  12. The Cairn 
  13. The Far Side Farm 
  14. The Glades Farm
  15. Lythwood 
  16. Barker Manor
  17. The Secret Garden

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