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Top Tips to Celebrate your “Un-wedding”

As little girls we all “practiced” our wedding day.  We tried on the imaginary gown, or we put something on that vaguely resembled a white frock and twirled around holding some weeds from the garden.   It wasn’t about the day, it was about that moment.  That feeling.

The feeling special.  Now you get one more day to practice!

Forget (if at all possible) that the date was THE DATE, plan something else that makes you feel special or simply a way to laugh and get over the feelings of sadness for your day.  Whether its with your love, or just on your own, here are our top tips to not only survive what would have been your wedding day, but to mourn it, celebrate it and look forward to the moment you walk down the aisle towards your future together.

After all, Home is where the Heart is….

Please tag @accentuatehairandmakeup in your celebrations!

Mourning the Invites/Date:  Contact some of your more comical guests (you know those ones that actually RSVP’d) and set a time when you can do a Facebook live or Zoom call with a few of them.   Ask them to come up with a creative way to destroy your original invite or use the invite in a creative new way.  Promise them a front row seat at your new wedding!  Create your own new # for this.   Some suggestions:  #RIPVIP

Plan a backyard wedding photo shoot with the cheapest photographer ever (Your timer) – Dig around and gather some “at home” wedding props.  Why not take it even further and ask your fiance’ to make you a bouquet out of things he can find around the house. (Bonus points if he does it in your colour scheme) How cute are Hannah and Vaughn!  Posted by The Wedding Company South Africa


Pick you top 3 “wedding traditions” and re-create them in a fun way using things around the house – Taking off the garter,  throwing of the bouquet (imagine doing this with your pets or virtually with your bridal party!) Cutting of the cake..the list goes on

Create a new tongue in cheek playlist for your guests.  Using your current “wedding moments” playlist create a new funny one based on the pandemic.  Give it a funny name like “Ashley and Jasons – House party best hits Volume 1”  Songs to include: All by myself, My House (Flo Rida), Our House (Madness)

Something Borrowed: Contact your Mom and Mom in Law to join in the fun and get them to make something for something borrowed, something blue!  They will love it that you thought of them and happy to be included and kept busy

Create a Photo Memory Movie Night in PJ’s with popcorn and snacks and cast your photos to your TV or project them to the wall outside in your garden.   You hardly ever get time to go through all those pics of when you first met, your travels together.  A perfect time to reminisce on all your special moments together.

Lauren is an INCREDIBLE local wedding dress designer who was meant to be married during this time:

Lauren Judith Anne


Spend some quality time just “being”  Enjoy each other for just the reasons you chose.  Tell each other what you love about each other.

Create your first anniversary gift to one another – Its PAPER BTW.  Write a love letter to your fiance and then use the letter to make their gift.

We are truly sorry you don’t get the original day, none of us will know just how difficult this has all been on you both, but please know we are here to love and support you and wish you all the best for your REAL BIG DAY TAKE 2!

Photos:  Taken by the couples themselves

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